Strengthening Israel and the Jewish People (Israel Jewish Aliyah)

Isaiah 19 Ministries sees the importance of supporting Israel and Jewish people's Aliyah (return to Israel) through supporting and blessing Jewish Agency.

Mina and members of Isaiah 19 has visited Jewish Agency in Jerusalem, if you would like to have more information on Jewish Agency, you will find it below.

  • This is the most important Israeli governmental conference room in Jerusalem where the political leaders are sworn in.
  • We were greeted by Nathan Sharansky (middle), the head of the Jewish Agency and also an Israeli national hero


As we see ourselves as Christian Friends of the Jewish Agency, this is how we can support Israel with a financial donation :

  • Help Israel rescue one Jewish person from a hostile area. The average cost of bringing one Jewish person to Israel from a hostile region is $6,000, including the cost of providing him or her with a home and a community for the first year after his or her rescue.
  • $3,000 provides one Jewish person a one-way flight to Israel and a home and community for the first five months of residency in Israel.
  • $2,000 supports one year of empowerment programming in our Wings program for a lone soldier (someone who enlists in the army without family support), prior to and following army service.
  • $1,000 gives one child a year of therapeutic extra-curricular activities at one of our Youth Villages for youth at risk

支持猶太人回歸以色列(aliyah),因此我們在此支持及祝福以色列猶太建國會(Jewish Agency for Israel)。

  • 上圖是耶路撒冷最重要的以色列政府會議室,政治領袖宣誓就職的地方。
  • 接待我們的是以色列猶太建國會負責人Nathan Sharansky(中)的歡迎,他也是以色列民族英雄



  • 救助以色列人質,基本費用是$6000,包含第一年的生活照顧
  • 支持一個猶太人回歸以色列,基本費用是$3000,包含單程票以及五個月的住宿
  • 幫助在以色列沒有家人的猶太士兵,$2000可幫助Wings計畫中一個士兵在軍隊服役前後的生活費
  • 支持有危機的少年,$1000可提供一年的治療性課外活動

Let's Bless Israel!

Let's firmly stand together to bless Israel!


Making a World of Difference: Strengthening Israel and the Jewish People

“I will bring you from the nations and gather you from the countries where you have been scattered — with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm…” Ezekiel 20:34



The return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel has lived in Jewish texts and prayers for millennia. The Biblical prophets spoke of a time when far-flung exiles would be restored, as one nation, to Israel; it is hard to know how many people actually believed these hopeful words.
And yet, the miracle of the 20th century was that this dream gathered strength. From the will God, an ancient dream literally came alive – in the form of the birth of the State of Israel.

Since 1929, The Jewish Agency for Israel has been at the helm of ensuring that all types of Jews, from every location around the world, have been welcomed back into the open arms of their ancient-modern birthplace and homeland.



ABSORPTION – Helping Jews Make Israel Home

The Jewish Agency operates 23 Absorption Centers for immigrants from around the world, providing them with temporary, sheltered housing and a full range of educational and cultural programs. Trained professionals staff each absorption center, providing invaluable care and intervention in hopes of facilitating a “soft landing” for new immigrants. Each Absorption Center is designed for different types of immigrants, such as singles, families, academics, etc.


1.) Selah Program

Selah (a Hebrew acronym for “students before their parents”) is The Jewish Agency’s flagship residential program, providing a “home away from home” for young immigrants from the former Soviet Union (FSU) who come to Israel before their parents. Selah is a 10-month academic preparatory and Aliyah program for recent high school graduates (16-22 years old). Since its beginning in 1995, Selah has worked with over 4,800 young men and women from the FSU. Today, there are 250 Selah approved applicants and on a waiting list to begin their program in Israel. $3,500 provides 10-months of housing, pre-academic training, Hebrew courses, and cultural programs for one young adult from the FSU.

In order to accept these young people into the Selah program in 2018, the funding need for the 250 participants is $875,000.


2.) Ashdod Absorption Center Doctors/Nurses Program

Upon arrival in Israel, the new immigrant physicians, nurses and their families take up residence at the Jewish Agency absorption center in Ashdod, where they begin five months of in-depth Hebrew language studies. They participate in workshops and seminars and receive preparation for life in Israel, how to understand Israeli society, computer programs and learn Israeli history and culture. The
following three months of the program provide participants with a specialized course in Hebrew medical terminology, provided through the Ministry of Education. Once proficient in Hebrew and the relevant medical terminology, the doctors begin a five-month preparatory course to study for the medical relicensing exam. Upon passing the relicensing examination, program staff assists these new immigrant practitioners in their search for employment. In 2018, we have 60 participants in our medical relicensing program and their families for a total population of 230 at Ashdod Absorption Center.

The total operating budget of Ashdod Absorption Center is $1,250,000. We have 60 new immigrant participants in our doctor and nurse program from all over the world and a total remaining budget need of $500,000.


3.) Ibim Village Absorption Center

Ibim was established in 1992. Since its inception, Ibim offers the new immigrants a soft landing, giving them a safe place for their first six months to a year in Israel. Ethiopian immigrants reside at the center for two and a half years. During their time at Ibim they participate in ulpan classes to learn the Hebrew language, learn about the country, go on field trips to acquaint themselves with their new homeland, become acquainted with Israeli society, strengthen their
connection to Judaism and when they are ready, they move to their permanent housing, join the IDF, find employment, or begin their studies, each according to their needs. 100 young immigrants from United States and the FSU live at Ibim as part of the Lone Soldier program. Ibim is their home during their military service and they receive special services to ease their absorption into Israeli life, participate in seminars while learning Hebrew, Israeli history and culture. 50 families from FSU, USA and other countries will arrive at Ibim during the first part of 2018. 30 Ethiopian immigrant families recently arrived and live at Ibim Village.

The total number of people living at Ibim Village is 400 people. $2,225 provides one family at Ibim with Hebrew classes, social services, cultural trips, and a home at Ibim Village. 100 Lone Soldiers plus 80 families from around the world call Ibim Village home for a 2018 total budget need of $400,000.


4.) Young Adult Absorption Programs

The Jewish Agency offers young adults 18-35 years old specialized absorption programs designed to help young adults and students take their first steps to a
lifetime in Israel. Young adults are the future of Israel and The Jewish Agency makes it a priority to assist almost 10,000 young adults each year to immigrate
and integrate into Israel. Participation in our programs gives them the opportunity to learn Hebrew, visit important heritage sites throughout the country, and learn to become part of Israeli society. Jewish Agency absorption professionals help them along the way, providing guidance while you take they first steps in Israel.
$2,500 provides one person six months of housing, Hebrew classes, social services and cultural trips – a fast track to integration into Israeli society. 200 young adults are approved and waiting for funding to join a Jewish Agency Young Adult Program for a budget need of $500,000.


5.) Masa Israel

Masa Israel Journey is the leader in immersive international experiences in Israel for young adults (18-30). Our diverse portfolio of study abroad, internship, service learning, or Jewish studies programs help young Jews grow—as a person, a professional, and a leader— while also developing a robust global professional network. Since its founding in 2004 by the Prime Minister's Office of the Government of Israel, together with The Jewish Agency for Israel, over
130,000 young people from more than 60 countries have participated in Masa Israel programs.

On average $5,800 provides a pre-aliyah internship programs for 18-30 year old grads and undergrads mixing hands-on experience with mentoring by industry leaders through an immersive Masa Experience.

In 2018, around 1,300 young adults will decide to make Israel their home based on their experience in a Masa program at a approx. cost of $7,540,000.


6.) Summer/ Winter Camps in the Former Soviet Union

Jewish Agency summer and winter camps help youth and students foster connections to Jewish roots and history for thousands of Jews, thereby ensuring the continuity of Jewish life in the former Soviet Union (FSU).  They provide high-impact Jewish identity building experiences that inspire young Jews to lead active Jewish lives, individually and as participants in their community.

$500 sponsors one child for a one-week summer/winter camp in the Former Soviet Union. In 2018, we anticipate 8,100 children will attend a summer/winter camp at a cost of $3,700,000.

  • Mina Holmes and Mark Gonzalez were The first Christians invited to the Israeli President's Residence and were welcomed by his top diplomat in Jerusalem.
  • We help young Jews around the world to come back to Israel to join the Lone Soldier program to protect Israel.