About Us


Isaiah 19 Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to bless Israel and the work related to the prophecies  recorded in Isaiah Chapter 19.

Founded in 2017 by Mina Holmes, the organization is here to gather people and resources globally to pave the way for the fulfilment of Isaiah 19 and receive the blessings that come from the Lord for helping to fulfill the work of Isaiah 19, which includes Aliyah,  bringing the scattered Jewish people back to Israel.



Why Isaiah 19?

Mina's Story

Cindy Jacobs has been the instigator for prophecies of Isaiah 19, she has been talking about the prophecies so I figured somebody better do it!

Cindy has already prophesied over me few times about it, but finally at Global Summit in November 2017 the Lord showed it to me twice.

A month later I went to Israel for the first time under the invitation by Jewish Agency! It happened to be just 2 days after President Trump’s announcement of the embassy move, and I was standing on the street of Jerusalem with my husband. On the trip, I was arranged to visit the Presidents Residence, met up with top diplomats and many heads of the Agency including parliamentary Congressman and Jerusalem Council. Miraculously these Jewish people accepted me to pray for them as a Christian, so I knew something important is happening here.

At Wailing Wall the Lord showed up and gave me 2 big visions! In the first vision there was an ancient scroll with writing in red. I saw this in my dream at home in US prior to my trip, but in Israel I saw it again and this time the writing suddenly turned into big red Chinese writing which says “Salvation” !!!!!

The literal translation of ‘Salvation’ in Chinese is actually ‘Rescue Grace’. And guess what? That’s just what Aliyah means!    I broke into tears, because then I knew all these hassle in my life is for the salvation of the Jews and Gentiles out of Isaiah 19 ministries!  I have been preaching the Gospel since age 14, I was so moved emotionally upon this vision. In the second vision the Lord showed me a team of camels carrying precious treasures coming from mountains afar.  I know this is what we will be doing.    I hope you will join us!


或許這就是上帝在賽49:12 中,需要特別指名道姓的說「看哪,這些從遠方來;這些從北方、從西方來;這些從秦(原文是希尼)國來」。上帝在這末後的世代,專為華人保留了最後的席次,使華人在世界宣教的行列中,能有這殊榮與基督並肩作戰,並且與基督在神國度一同坐席。

2017年12月Mark Gonzales 和我應以色列的 [Jewish Agency]邀請,第一次踏上天父心心念念的耶路撒冷.我在哭牆前禱告,感受到以色列在歷史中的孤寂與蒼茫,我問天父,微小的我能為你做什麼?突然間 神給予我看到一個異象,「救恩」兩個大紅字直闖入我的眼簾,天父古早的應許說「我要為以色列─我的榮耀,在錫安施行救恩」(賽46:13 )瞬間,我熱淚盈眶,因為那是創世以來的愛和期盼!這份愛,仍然迴盪在救恩的大道中,直向著末日宣告說


耶穌邀請說 「無論何人,因為門徒的名,只把一杯涼水給這小子裡的一個喝,我實在告訴你們,這人不能不得賞賜」、「這些事你們既做在我這弟兄中一個最小的身上,就是做在我身上了」



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